About Me

My Background

Self Portrait

I've always loved art and drawing. As long as I could remember I was always finding myself drawing whenever I could. I started college pursuing a teaching career but ended up following my dream of becoming an artist and attended art school.

My Medium

Prismacolor pencil colored pencils

My favorite medium to use is colored pencil on tinted paper. I love the boldness colored pencils create when used with tinted paper. I also use different paints on canvas, but mostly acrylics.

My Inspiration

Inspirational Drawings

 Hope- In 2009, I woke up with a headache. I didn't think much of it until the headache didn't go away. I went to countless doctors and tried countless treatments, spent weeks in different hospitals, but no answers were to be found. I was finally diagnosed in 2012 with New Daily Persistent Headache which is a 24/7 headache (3 years later). There is no telling if or when the headache will go away. Spring of 2012 was also the year I was in a Drawing 2 class that had an assignment called "Me in My World". For me, this is how I expressed my world. I titled it: Hope. There is Bright yellow throughout the piece symbolizing Gods light coming through the window in the darkness. This piece helped me see that God gave me a chance to do what I loved to do in the midst of the struggle. 

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